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Catalog Production

We work magic on your images. Then, after our extensive and highly skilled team of experienced artists have adjusted, retouched and color-corrected your images, we process your documents and produce print-ready final files that meet or exceed industry standards.

Web Imagery

Whether it be e-commerce or editorial web images, they are produced efficiently, without sacrificing quality or service, and at incredible prices. We produce thousands of web images every day, offering superior quality with blazing fast turnaround times.

Digital Prepress

We offer general prepress services, including preflight, layout validation and page production. No task is too small or too difficult for us. In addition to that, ICS offers custom services like garment digitizing, fabric wrapping, pose & clone imagery, etc.

Garment Digitizing

Love an existing image but need a garment on a different fabric or pattern? Digitizing is the perfect solution. Digitally replace the fabric shown on the existing image (texture, color, pattern) to give it a whole new life. The results are truly astonishing.

Fabric Wrapping

Similar to digitizing, fabric wrapping uses a base image of your piece of upholstered furniture plus a repeatable swatch and, with the use of 3D software, replaces the item's fabric, preserving shape, shadows, highlights, etc., producing incredibly realistic results.

Pose & Clone

If an image is almost right but for a garment that must be replaced, there is no need to re-shoot the image. We can utilize a Pose & Clone technique, where the new garment is shot on a mannequin and merged onto the model on the existing image. Old garment gone.

International Color Services

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